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George Mason University Entrepreneurship Course Reflective Report

Each student will produce a 5-8 page document reflecting on their experience and work
in this course – learning via videos, team presentations, getting out of the building,
talking to humans etc.
Each student can prepare this document in their own professional style and format as
long as the document effectively communicates the key information the student is trying
to communicate – think beyond text (images, tables, charts, social media exchanges).
Concepts to Explore in this Reflective Document:
● Your thoughts on innovation processes and business model discovery as
presented by Blank including but not limited to
â—‹ the canvas and its roles in new venture creation and innovation
â—‹ startups, hypotheses, experiments and data
â—‹ getting out of the building and interacting with potential customers,
partners, users and other stakeholders? consider the experience from a
personal perspective and also from a business model discovery angle
â—‹ the concepts of evidence based entrepreneurship and connecting
experiments/data collected to new venture creation and innovation? What
about using these concepts for existing organizations (eg large
corporations, government agencies, non-profits) – would that work? Could
â—‹ thoughts, ideas, or reflections you have as you consider your future plans
related to innovation and entrepreneurship.
â—‹ Any part(s) of these ideas or theories that really stick with you?
● Comment on your experience with the Steve Blank videos used in this course?
Liberating or challenging or something else? What are your reactions to the flipped
classroom (lectures online separate from class sessions)? Would you prefer a traditional
textbook style learning option with lectures and exams? Do you need more
accountability than team expectations, lite quizzes/hwks, and presentations and/or
● Were other teams’ experiences of value as you/your team tried to understand and
employ various concepts from the videos, readings and discussions?
● How did your skills and or comfort with preparing and delivering presentations change
or evolve during the course of the semester? Use of video for presentations?
● Other thoughts, concepts, or ideas about experiential entrepreneurship and innovation
that you would like to share.


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