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George Mason University Levis Ad Discussion

Levis Ad Response. After watching the Levis Ad, what is your reaction to the way the company promotes its product? Do they focus on the product? What is the focus? Who is the audience?

This is a two-part discussion. You must post your initial response by midnight, Nov. 18. That is worth 50 points. Then you need to respond to two other classmates’ posts by midnight, Nov. 21. This part is also 50 points.

First classmate discussioIn

 the Levi’s ad, it conveys a beautiful message that even a single voice can make a huge difference and can impacts on others. Instead of showing their brand clothes in different varieties, it is focusing on their customers and giving an idea or perspectives through which they will be able to bring a change. It doesn’t matter what your age is if you can stand up and speak up, you are the one who will make a positive change and so everyone can does the same. They did not focused on their products but their main goal was to let their customers know that your voice matters even in small gathering it can make a huge difference on others. the audience in the ad is basically their customers and it did not restricted for anyone all age people wears their brand so it is eventually for everyone. I think it is a great way to convey messages through an ad to let everyone know about it.

My second class mate discussed

 I think, it’s shows people that used advertising concept of association, and people most of the time wearing the Levis brand that have a good time and successful of feeling. In addition, these people are made choice of Levis in there live which mean can wear it in every where. I think they did not focus on the produce. They only want to cues the power poses with exceptional confidence that who people are wearing Levis has in every where and they are successful and strong feel. I think This Ad try to show the people that these people who are strong and successful and have self confidence are wearing Levis. The audience in the Ad were everybody in all ages can wearing the jeans or coat which means they can have this brand in different kind of design. 


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