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George Mason University One Day by David Nicholas Journal

Journal: The semester is almost over. What are you looking forward to after it ends?You need to write 2 paragraphs about this.

Discussion: You’ve completed reading One Day. For this week‘s forum, reflect on how it feels to have finished reading the book. This can cover any sort of angle you want to address, from the act of reading it to the material within it or anywhere else the writing takes you.


Reply to Peer Review: It feels amazing to have finished One Day book. This book is full of captivating stories, many which spin out into multiple plays, events that changed the people’s lives, some that had tragic ending, and some had happy ending.

I enjoyed reading this book, and I did not get bored reading it, because it contained many interesting stories and feelings. Having different kind of real stories made the book more interesting. I loved reading “ONE DAY” book and I learned a lot from it. After reading ONE DAY book, I gained a lot of knowledge about different kind of subject. For example, heart transplant procedures in 1986 and nowadays in the first chapter of the Book.

Every chapter in the ONE DAY book was fascinated me. Gene Weingarten did an excellent job writing this book. I feel, Gene Weingarten is a master storyteller, and he is brilliant Author. He had great ability to Connect the past and present in as seamless manner. He included a lot of specifics in each chapter, which I thought was incredible because it allowed you to visualize it in your brain with all the details.This is compelling reading.Weingarten is a journalist and that is obvious while reading.Each chapter is engaging and gives just the right amount of detail.Also, each chapter is timed, so we are brought through the entire day, starting early in the morning.


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