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George Mason University Stylistic Influences in Film Music Through The 1950s Paper

  1. Please
    categorize the stylistic influences that Hickman highlights which come
    to prominence in film music through the 1950’s and describe the qualites
    used to identify each style.
  2. How
    does Hickman describe the ways that a style of music can influence our
    understanding of the narrative (storyline) of the film?
  3. What was the HUAC’s role in the film industry during this time? Include examples from the articles, Hickman, and lesson content.
  4. Compare,
    use examples from Reel Music, the film music of the 50’s from that of
    the earlier decades particularly of Max Steiner and King Kong. Provide
    two examples from each era.
  5. Now, on to the film, please, consider how diversity of music styles is evident in Bernstein’s score for On the Waterfront.
    ex. jazz, and grand orchestral music, small combinations of
    instruments, and harsh dissonant music. Give examples when each of these
    styles can be heard in the score (use the listening guide)
    and write a description of the scenes that they underscore, therefore 4
    scenes, one for jazz, one for grand orchestral music, one with a small
    combination of instruments, and one with harsh dissonant music. Describe
    why the music is or isn’t appropriate for the scene. Be sure to include
    points from the Keller article.
  6. Next,
    answer this question that addresses the relationship between the
    director’s approach to the film and the composer’s approach to the
    score. The
    famous American composer Aaron Copland said that in differentiating
    composers we must, “hear each separately in terms of what he wishes to
    communicate.” How might you reconcile the diverse music score of On the
    Water Front (jazz, harsh dissonances, symphonic elements, and small
    combinations of instruments) with the realism that
    Kazan’s film tries to convey? In thinking deeply about the relationship
    between score and film what do you surmise, this is your educated view,
    that Bernstein is trying to communicate about this story through music?
  7. i was unable to attach the lecture word doc due to large file size. i have uploaded the file into google drive and here is the link. please let me know if you are unable to view it.…


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