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George Mason University Week 2 Dormant Stakeholders Analysis Matrix Paper

  1. Stakeholder Analysis Matrix for six stakeholders; and,
  2. Stakeholder AsseResearch regarding the high price of drugs. You must use the sources listed below and augment the list with another five sources.

    The tone of the narrative should be neutral. Do not include your personal opinions. You may still include stakeholders’ opinions, but make sure to credit those opinions to the appropriate person(s) by properly using in text citations. The issue brief will be eleven pages, single spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font, one inch margins. Title page is not included in the eleven pages. APA formatting for in-text citations and the list of references. Include an Abstract.

    Stakeholder Analysis Matrix (Week Two)In week two you will prepare two deliverables that will assist you with planning for how you will construct your issue brief. It must be apparent within the body of the issue brief that you are using content from these deliverables. Conduct research. Populate the Salience Model (see below) for the following stakeholders: Medicare population, Medicaid Population, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), drug manufacturers, federal government/regulators, and state government. Include a list of your references represented in APA format.A stakeholder analysis is the systematic identification and evaluation of external individuals, groups, organizations that have an interest or stake in an issue. They are directly or indirectly impacted by any changes or interventions that alter the status quo. You have identified the primary and secondary level stakeholders in your Salience Model. Next, prioritize these stakeholders by relevance and influence. The challenge is to choose criteria to differentiate those stakeholders that have the “highest” stakes or greatest power/influence. Populate the stakeholder analysis matrix template below. Provide a list of your references in APA format. Stakeholder Analysis Matrix
    Stakeholder Assessment Narrative (Week Two)Focus on the following stakeholders to populate the template below titled “Addressing the Issue”:

    1. Drug Manufacturers
    2. Federal Government Medicare Program

    Assess their interests and belief system pertaining to the most promising interventions or commitment to the status-quo. Compare and contrast these two stakeholders to uncover and document the market forces that have led to creating the problem and/or maintaining the status quo. This analysis will reveal the overall market structures at play and guide identification of interventions.
    Stakeholder Assessment NarrativeResources:Stakeholder Analysis Guide WHOssment Narrative for two stakeholders.


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