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George Washington University Walmart Inc Landscape Analysis Paper

This week’s assignment requires a more in-depth analysis of your organization’s digital and social landscape along with evaluating their recent success and comparisons to competitors. Explore the news, media, social media, financial status, and any key business information related to the platform, the sector, and competitors.

Explore the news, media, social media, financial status and any key business information related to your organization, the sector and potential competitors. Please organize and summarize your findings into a document (no more than two pages).

Include the following key areas of focus as section titles in your paper:

  • Describe who you believe the organization’s key target audiences are – include at least two. If you think they are missing a potential target audience, detail a new target audience they should consider.
  • Assess the company’s social media presence over the last six months using Google, Compete, TweetReach, Alexa, etc. Are they on Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare?
    • Do they maintain a blog?
    • How many websites do they maintain and what are their purposes?
    • Include customer feedback and comments from the blogosphere, Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms as appropriate.
  • Review their traditional PR outreach – include an overview of current mainstream media coverage from the past six months. In your opinion, what percentage of their promotion is through traditional PR verses digital PR? Is the traditional PR outreach supported by digital?
  • Does the organization currently have a social media policy in place?
    • Is it comprehensive?
    • Do they live by it?
    • Do they restrict employees’ use of social media while working?
    • If you can’t find their policy, email or call the organization to see what you can learn.

Assignment Resources

There are several sites which let you find out analytics and related info. With SimilarWeb, you’ll be able to view:

  • total visits
  • pages per visit
  • average visit duration
  • bounce rate

You’ll also be able to see where a website is getting majority of its traffic from (direct, search, social, etc.). Here is an example of using this site: (链接到外部网站。)

SEMrush is a site you can use. They ask you for an email address to get ten free requests. It helps you to conduct competitive research on any domain name and to use the data to optimize your campaigns. SEMrush is updated in real time. You can:

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Site Audit
  • Backlink Analysis

Each social/digital analytics platform has its own “education” course that helps the individual understand how to best use it. However, since each platform has their own quirks, it’s easier to learn each one. Google has their own, however, it’s much different than what Meltwater does. Same goes for HubSpot and Hootsuite. For example, here’s a post on some of the best social media analytics tools:

The organization I choose is Walmart.

The attachment is an sample of Landscape Analysis.


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