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Georgia State University Samsung Mobile Phone PESO Model Presentation

PR PESO PROJECT DUE TONIGHT!!!Program 1, upload a Powerpoint, Prizi, or your own video (pick one it must be professional JUST AS YOU WOULKD SHOW YOUR CLIENT. You should have opening slides with a title of your project and your name as you would do in business. Use designs and colors that are professional, yet eye catching, complementary, with fonts that do not distract and which are easily read. The presentation should be in four areas, the names of P.E.S.O. A final slide or two can be summary. Feel free to add narration, higher grades go to those who add elements like narration, use correct grammar and use lead ins to each new slides, as the help the customer understand your PR message. Add contact info in last slide.What goes in the four areas? Select a product, service, issue or event, they can be REAL and AUTHENTIC, past or coming up, or you can make it fictional. In my last three sections of PR, virtually ALL the students selected REAL products (make up, restaurants) services (food delivery, sound mixing studios), issues (COVID 19 job search, voter rights laws in Georgia), or events (Christmas PR event business, restaurant holiday event). These were GREAT because they ACTUALLY used their projects in REAL life situations and several companies paid them for their Program plans. In any case you must select a topic as the center of the Program. Next, research the four P.E.S.O. and develop how you will divide resources, time, effort, PR ideas in each for this project. Mention proposed budget for each (if zero, say zero), ideas, placement of ads or campaign material, type of tactics, etc.A typical project that is REAL LIFE effective and making an A will have about 22-30 slides.will have narration, use photos images, words, numerical figures when needed, spelled correctly, look professional and perhaps have the five areas (not directly mentioned by name but used) of Monroes Motivated Sequence.


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