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GERMAN 101 American Military University Week 6

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Write a dialogue in German that takes place at a restaurant. Then, read two of your peers’ dialogues and ask them questions in German and/or give them specific feedback to revise their writing. Read the articles and watch the videos in this week’s lesson before you write your first post. Your dialogue must begin with an explanation in English of why your characters are using the Sie- or du-form in your dialogue.

The dialogue must be 20 lines long in German and include the following:

1. A greeting from each character in German.

2. Your dialogue must include three questions. Remember to start each question with a question word such as wie (how), was (what), warum (why), wie viel (how much), wo (where, as in a location), wohin (where to, as in, to where are you going) and woher (where from, as in, from where are you coming). Just as in English, the question words are always immediately followed by a verb, so be sure to use the correct word order.

3. Your dialogue must also include a waiter (der Kellner) or a waitress (die Kellnerin). Der Kellner oder die Kellnerin must ask you what you would like to order. Remember that the waiter or waitress is at work and does not consider you or your dining partner to be a close friend, so be sure to use the Sie-form when speaking to the waiter/waitress or being addressed by the waiter/waitress.

4. At the end of your meal, one of your characters must ask for the check. Remember that in Germany, the wait staff will not bring the check to your table until you ask for it. One character in your dialogue must ask for the check by saying: „Die Rechnung, bitte“.

5. At the end of your dialogue, remember to have the characters say goodbye to each other.


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