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Prevention Methods of Social Engineering Attacks

Social engineering attacks can be represented as one of the cyberspace related criminal activities that are occurring within society. These attacks are occurring in the market by making internet services or networks as a mediator. In this attacking process, the attackers are performing some of the manipulating or convincing techniques to manipulate the people in society to provide their details. When people believe their words then attackers are breaking the security measures and privacy policies of users systems with the information provided by them. After accessing the user’s computer systems attackers can perform various types of activities with the user’s data based on their thoughts and ideas (Popkewitz, 2012).

The reason behind conducting these types of hacking is to get some financial profits or to learn about the network or location of the customers. The manipulating methods which are using by attackers are continuously changing based on the behavior or personalities of the people. While performing these social engineering attacks, the attackers are convincing the customers with their fake identity as a real one and gathering required information through motivating them. The only way to protect ourselves from these types of attackers is to create some awareness about these attacks and some of their methods. There is no other prevention method or security policies can’t stop these types of attacks in society before causing damages to the user’s information (Popper, 2012).

In order to understand these attacks, we are providing a real-time example that had been occurred in my life. Recently I have received a call from some unknown number who is telling that they are calling from Infrastructure Company and selling some software or hardware parts for the computer systems. They are telling complete details about their products and offering a huge amount of discounts which is very attractive. After completion of those, they had asked my system details and other personal data with very clear description. I didn’t get any doubt on them but after some time period, I have noticed some of the changes in my system which was not performed by me. To avoid these attacks individual persons need to be aware of attackers (Thomas, 2010).


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