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Glendale Community College Lithuanian Family in The Jungle Discussion

I’m trying to learn for my American Studies class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Hi, I am currently reading “An excerpt from a 1917 pamphlet by an immigrant, calling on new arrivals to America to embrace an American identity”. From there I chose 3 quotes that aimed to entice immigrants to move to America. The quotes I chose and need help with is stated as: ” America, the land created by God, where the industrious man can make his living by thrifty and honest labor without being deprived and despoiled of everything he has been able to make.” OR “Do you want to be a free and worthy citizen of a blessed country, which gives you freedom and happiness and your family a future of the bright-est hopes?” OR ” In the U.S. you are not heavily taxed; you have a chance to deposit about one-half of your earnings “In a bank which pays you interest; or you may invest it in safe and sound enterprises. You can easily do this, as the cost of living in normal times does not require more than one half of what you earn. In this way, after sometime, you have a few thousand dollars which as far as money goes, gives you happiness and the satisfaction that you and your family are assured against “rainydays”. So between these three quotes you to get to choose which one helps you explain the situation better.

I need your help with the quote that I have selected and choose one to help me by comparing it to that of the family in the Jungle in chapters 5 and 6. Please help me by in a paragraph of 250 words or more, explain why this struggling Lithuanian family in The Jungle (In chapters 5 and 6) would disagree with the statement. Think of a specific situation that a member of the family, or the family as a whole, is facing that would help illustrate the objection. You can address one or several challenges (situations), but make sure you adhere to responding to the statement and be sure to explain why they (or he or she) would object to this other immigrant. You can sparknote “The Jungle” and read only chapter 5 and 6 to complete assignment


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