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Glendale Community College US Shift From Isolationism to Imperialism Question

Write on one of the following three prompts. The objective is to write an essay that uses evidence drawn from lectures, the readings, materials from Canvas, and the group work you have done in this course. You should start by finding the evidence you intend to use, writing clear topic sentences to connect the evidence you have with the question that is being asked. Each body paragraph should have a topic sentence, a setup to the quote, a single quotation/piece of evidence, and then an explanation to how the quote supports the point you make in your topic sentence. You will then write the introduction and conclusion to complete the essay. Make sure that you have at least 6 pieces of evidence in this essay.

  1. Imagine that the Glendale Board of Education has decided that there is too much material to cover in the US History class for High School seniors. There are debating if they should focus on a more traditional political/economic history, or if they should instead adopt social history (race, gender and class) as the curriculum. You have been invited to provide your input. Write an essay that expresses which of the two approaches you think a High School graduate should know.
  2. In this class we have often looked at events from the past as a method of examining and understanding events going on around us now. Write an essay that discusses how history can be used to understand the present, and maybe even make predictions about the near future.
  3. Most people think history is simply a chronology of events – a list of names and date. In this class we have sought to look beyond what happened in the past to examine why things happened the way they did. Write an essay that examines how your view of US history has changed in this class. Explain what you original idea about an event in US history was and how this class has changed that view. Make sure to discuss at least 4 events/time periods as you share your perspective.


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