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GMU Effective Walking Program & Preserving Public Health Discussions

I don’t know how to handle this Global Health question and need guidance.

In this chapter, the term “public health” was defined. To what extent do you think that the government, at any level, has the right to legislate good health? Give one example of a public health initiative that has become a mandate or a law. Do you think that personal, medical, or religious exemptions should be allowed?

INSTRUCTIONS: As a group, discuss the following scenarios and collaborate on the answers. Each group member should participate in the discussions and offer opinions and answers, putting their name next to their statements and ideas. This is to demonstrate fairness across the group, ensuring that each group member is involved. You can do this in whatever way works for the group, from sharing the analysis of each question or by dividing up the assignment questions, if appropriate or if there are enough to correspond with the number of members in your group. I will give you all the flexibility to make decisions within your group. However, one of the tasks of your group is to ensure that everyone participates.

Exercise is an important aspect of health. Not only does it help with attaining and maintaining a healthy weight, but it also with flexibility, balance and overall muscle strength, the latter of which help us stay upright and preventing us from falling. While this may not be a big issue for young adults, lack of balance, flexibility and muscle strength are significant issues for older adults with possible serious consequences. So, engaging older adults in exercise is critical to their wellbeing.

Now, think about your grandparents, another older relative or close family friend who doesn’t exercise at all. Image you are assigned the task of using the constructs of Self-Efficacy Theory to develop a walking program for older adults like them to encourage physical activity.

What might you do relative to the below?

  • Mastery experiences
  • Vicarious experiences
  • Verbal persuasion
  • Physical or emotional response

Please refer to the assigned reading on BlackBoard and in your textbook titled “The Feasibility of an intervention combining self-efficacy theory and Wii Fit Exergames in assisted living residents: A pilot study” as an example to help guide your response.


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