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GMU Scholarly Article Adaptation Academics and System Engineering Essay

here is the article:…

here are the instructions:

Understand the Content: After you choose your scholarly article, read it carefully so that you understand what it conveys. Think about how you will report the research findings from your chosen article by writing a magazine or newspaper article (your choice) for a public audience who may or may not have knowledge of the topic. 

Analyze Your Target Audience and Genre Expectations: In Discussion 5 you closely analyzed three examples of the kind of genre you’re attempting to create. Consider how those genre examples are written for their target audience. Your Discipline Project will be assessed according to its ability to reproduce those genre expectations, so be sure that you’re able to explain the rhetorical choices (structure, language, references, etc.) that you make in writing your translation. Consider all four elements of the rhetorical context: author, audience, topic, purpose.

Construct the New Genre: At this point, you’re ready to begin constructing or translating the article into the new genre. Your final product should look like one that would appear in a newspaper or magazine, so make sure you understand which conventions you will need to include to successfully mimic the genre. 

  • Evidence: It is important to think about how you will incorporate evidence from the scholarly article you are translating. Public audiences appreciate a quotation or two, but you will find that you need to rely more heavily on summary and paraphrase in translating the article for a general reader.

Formatting and Documentation: How is information typically cited in the genre you chose to recreate? Use whatever is appropriate for your genre and public audience and explain your choice in your reflective analysis paragraph.

Write the Reflective Analysis: Once your translation is complete, compose a reflective analysis paragraph (to be added at the end of your assignment) that explains the rhetorical choices you made as you created your new public piece of writing. Offer a rationale for each of your decisions that connects to your larger rhetorical context. For example, if you had to translate the title of the scholarly article for a public audience, explain why your new title is the most appropriate one for your public audience.


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