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Golden Gate University Wk 12 Computer Science Research Discussion and Response

Week 12 Discussion

What is researcher’s bias? What are some possible limitations of your dissertation? What are some ways the researcher can minimize these issues?

Peer 1 response Priyanka Pramod Pawar Research bias occurs when the researcher alters the whole process towards a certain result by introducing an error to the sample data. Further, research bias is defined as a process where the researcher manipulates the procedural investigation to achieve certain results. When any kind of bias is introduced in a study, it changes the research objective and deviates it from the real results. The biases can also occur when the personal preferences and choices of the research have some undue influence on the research.Research LimitationEvery research has its own limitations. But what is important is to try and reduce the range of such limitations throughout the entire research process. It is always good to identify and recognize the limitations of research. There have been several limitations that I have identified throughout the research process.Firstly, time, writing content for a research paper demands a lot of sacrifice in terms of time. One is required to allocate more time to read journals related to the research topic and write down the main ideas or discussions within those journals. One has to balance between work duties and finding enough time to do the research. This has been quite challenging since I need to use my free time to reading search, and read numerous journals and articles.Secondly, access to literature, understanding and identifying a research gap, and addressing it properly depends on the available scientific literature. Making informed conclusions depends on access to scientific literature. Due to time limits, it has been a challenge to access past literature as desired, but I have been choosing literature with topics that are closely related to my topic.Addressing LimitationsTo overcome different research limitations encountered throughout the study, it is important to adopt several strategies to counter such challenges. Dedicating free time to do further research. It is always good to find some time and relax, but since the research work has some set deadlines, it is important to use free time to ensure everything is done on time.


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