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Gordon State College How the Short Story a Rose for Emily Relates to Life Discussion

  • Having read and annotated it, focus on a specific theme in the story and explore it in 500-600 words (5 ¶s, double-spaced, in a mature font).
  • Make sure that your thesis adheres to one of the three options from the thesis handout (link). The first part of the thesis will be specific to the short story (something explicit from the short story) and the second part will go beyond the short story itself to show something more about life, humanity, etc., while broadening our understanding of the short story itself. Therefore, this paper is to analyze the short story while relating it to life. MANDATORY ESSAY ORGANIZATION (link).
  • Italicize, bold or underline the thesis statement.
  • The first part of each of the argument paragraphs will analyze the text, and the second part will relate that analysis to life nowadays (link).
  • The introductory ¶ should have only two sentences, one of which will be the thesis statement.
  • The paper cannot earn more than 60% without the required organization and thesis.
  • No title page is necessary, but title your essay in an original manner and put your name on the paper as well in the upper left corner.
  • This is to be your own, original work, without referring to any outside sources or commentaries, but this is not an “I” paper.
  • Use present tense.
  • Do not use “you.”
  • Shorten the introductory paragraph to two sentences, one of which will be your thesis statement.
  • Please do not organize your paper based on the original organization of the short story.
  • Do not focus on the literary devices used by the author (e.g., diction, tone) but rather on the actual content.
  • Include a brief heading with your name, assignment, date and course.
  • Include the word count at the top of the paper.
  • The content of the paper will be graded based on its organization, thesis, paragraph structure, quality of arguments, analysis strength and lack of summary. Each type (not each occurrence) of major grammatical errors (e.g., run-on, pronoun-antecedent agreement, fragment, misplaced modifier, parallelism, verb form, subject-verb agreement, 3 x spelling errors) will equal a deduction of 10 points.


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