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Grand Canyon University Clinical Preventive Strategies Effectiveness Discussion

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As a health care provider, anytime a patient walks out of the door, I ask myself “what will cause them to return in worse shape or will they be able to maintain health in the community in which they live? Experts say the United States is in the throes of an opioid epidemic to the extent that everyone knows, seen or heard someone who is alive and addicted or died from overdose.(Salmond et al,2019). Integration across community and clinical settings is crucial in maintaining health especially for the at risk population. Preventive health care aims to prevent disease from occurring (primary prevention), reduce progression of disease by identifying it before it becomes symptomatic (secondary prevention), and decrease the impact of disease if it does occur (tertiary prevention). (Kelling et al, 2016).One of the first steps in reducing stigma (self and social) around addiction is awareness, as a primary clinical preventative strategy associated with opioid –related substance abuse use disorder especially during pregnancy. Successful efforts to curb this wave cite engaging the community to overcome the stigma associated with substance abuse disorder and tapping into private and public resources to support that. Much can be achieved through educating the public who believes and attaches usage of illicit drugs as moral weakness instead of medical illness. Stigma limits and discourages at risk population from seeking effective services available within the community. Mandatory abstinence recovery session might be effective to some, however, extended treatment (medication) accompanied with behavioral health counselling is proven successful and lowering risk of relapse.Recovery goes beyond willpower and treatment programs, removing stigma and approaches that prevent harm and treating the problem through improved awareness and share resources between community pharmacist and clinicians will enhance recovery, reduce risk of relapse and the cost of overdose on patients and families. What are proven effective with self-stigmatization group-based acceptance and community therapy, (Narcotics anonymous, a 12 step program), motivational interviewing and communicating positive stories of people with substance use disorders. (Livingston et al, 2012)


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