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Grand Canyon University Health Care industry Discussion

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Like other industries, the healthcare sector requires an in-depth understanding of all its levels before implementing any intervention or policy. One of the most implemented projects in healthcare, primarily nursing, is evidence-based practice (EBP). It is an inherent healthcare aspect, which is often associated with improved care quality and health outcomes. Therefore, this paper aims to discuss why it is crucial to understand the healthcare system when considering implementing an EBP intervention.

A healthcare system is often used to describe the healthcare organization’s structure, commencing from the heads to the nurses at the lower levels, all working in unison to deliver care. When implementing EBP at a local level, understanding the healthcare system is critical for multiple reasons. For instance, every EBP implementation requires an extensive resource amount, such as finances, to ensure it is effectively executed (Harper et al., 2017). Additionally, for any EBP to be implemented successfully, the leadership’s involvement is vital. The leaders can formulate the necessary policies, which are implemented through collaboration with managers and the staff. Finally, every healthcare system illustrates a culture that maybe different from its counterparts; thus, understanding it will ensure EBP is implemented successfully.

Furthermore, for my change project, one of the primary considerations would be increasing nurse participation in healthcare decisions. The step promotes cooperation between the nurses and physicians, which is interprofessional collaboration’s essence. Moreover, the other consideration is the involvement of essential agencies in implementing the project’s intervention. At its core, interprofessional collaboration requires cooperation among all healthcare-related agencies, such as medical insurers, pharmacists, and healthcare professionals, like doctors. Hence, I must consider their policies and cultures before implementing the change project.

In conclusion, this paper discusses the need to comprehend the healthcare system before implementing EBP. There are several reasons for understanding the system, such as the need for financial resources to ensure its success. Besides, EBP needs to fit into the system’s culture to aid its fruition. Lastly, for my change project, I must consider involving more nurses in decision-making and the cultures of vital healthcare agencies to facilitate its success.


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