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Grand Canyon University Humanizing Healthcare Reforms Response

please respond to the discussion post as a peer commenting. Hello Class,

Healthcare has been a major platform in politics over the past 20 years. Although affordable health care for everyone sounds like a positive step forward, the American health care system is bound to the insurance industry and has always been a fee-for-service system (Mandel 2020). I agree that it should be a civil right that Americans who reside and pay taxes in the richest country in the world, have a healthcare plan. As a Christian, I feel that equal access to healthcare is a must. There are three components of access to care: including insurance coverage, health services, and timeliness of care. Access to health care impacts people in many ways including overall physical, social, and mental health status with quality of life. Unfortunately, most Americans do not support universal healthcare while the insurance companies keep gaining more wealth. Inherent in a fee-for-service system is that some people will be able to afford the fee but others will not (Mandel 2020). America’s medical system has been a fee for service which has been difficult to overcome. When profit became a motive for care, then greed took over. The thought of having managed care plans was to control medical costs, however, there is now more fraudulent claims and doctors using referrals to collect more money for unnecessary doctor visit to obtain that referral. I have had associates that have moved out of America to other countries, for example, Canada and England because they had serious health conditions that would be covered in their homelands. The only instances I can think of where healthcare should not be a right is in the case of citizenship, the people that come to America but do not obtain citizenship should not get free healthcare. Some of the places they are relocating from has better healthcare than America. Healthcare should be affordable to all Americans, no matter what salary range they are included.


Mandel, I. (2020). Health Care Reform in the U.S. Research Starters: Sociology.


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