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Grand Canyon University Impacts of Religious Beliefs in Heathcare Settings Discussion

respond to the following post as a peer. use at least 1 reference and a 150-200 word count. ” Religious beliefs play a significant role in the healthcare setting because each culture and religion have different healthcare systems regarding what causes illness and how it can be treated. The way patients perceive their medical situation plays a significant role in understanding how their religion will affect their reception to receiving the information and how willing they are to use it (Fischer et al., 2019). For instance, if the patient comes from a society or religion that believes diseases and illnesses result from supernatural phenomena, then the patient would advocate for prayer from God to overcome it. Thus, culture and religion play a significant role in taking care of such patients.

The diversity of religion within our world’s population brings many challenges for health care providers and systems to deliver culturally competent medical care. Cultural competence is the ability of health care providers and organizations to provide health care services that meet patients’ and their families’ cultural, social, and religious needs. (Swihart & Martin, 2019). For example, there are many considerations when caring for a female Muslim patient. Firstly, she is spiritual and will most likely have a strong faith in God and believe that Allah will heal. Secondly, she may be uncomfortable getting undressed around others especially men, or even being examined by a male provider because of the religious belief of undressing in front of men. Much has to be considered while caring for her, and the health provider must be patient and respectful of the patient’s religious and spiritual needs.


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