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Grand Canyon University Reply Systems Based Approach Paper

A system-based approach is one that uses step by step management, sequentially, which could include an array of tactics, strategies, and objectives that seek to promote positive change (Kaplan et al., 2013). This approach can be used to complete any major task, even in the healthcare sector. For instance, in my organization, a system-based approach was used to set the principles of public health practice, by listing major health issues affecting health, as well as reviewing how they operate independently and overlap, then dealing with them through a set of objectives and strategies.

Admittedly, the list of major determinants of health were examined to improve the overall health of individuals. The issues were listed in order of priority, with determinants like poor diet being at the very top. The data was extracted from health cases and the prevalence of various diseases, which revealed diseases affecting the public the most, and afterward analyzing their causes. After coming up with the list of major determinants, step by step strategies and programs such as raising awareness, training on proper diets, educating on effects of poor diet, and so much more were scheduled and disseminated to the public via the internet and in form of pamphlets in hospitals and other areas too. The next step was to move on to the next list of determinants and then the next, all the while explaining and training on how they depend on each other.

Undeniably, based on how this system worked for my organization, one of the major strengths of using it to improve health is that it not only looks at one issue affecting the target population’s health, but multiple at the same time. All the while identifying the interrelations and interdependencies of all elements involved (Clarkson et al., 2018). However, the approach also long and could bring about delays, meaning that if a health issue is pressing and life-threatening, it could lead to major losses before the entire step by step approach is completed. Overall, the systems-based works to improve health despite the weaknesses that might be evident, since it incorporates scientific data and evidence from the population, and uses it to make changes accordingly.


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