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Grand Canyon University To Improve the Quality of Nursing Documentation Reflection

Please make me a two-page reflection journal on my project: Initiative to improve the quality of nursing documentation. Including references. APA 7th edition format.

It must include all of these:

1.The week’s goals- 14 points


  1. Educate the nurses who were off last week on EKG interpretations, pain assessment, and reassessment required by the Joint Commission and the PACU nursing documentation guidelines.
  2. Place in the orientation book the nursing documentation guidelines for PACU.
  3. Continue with the Nursing documentation audit after the education sessions.

2.Activities and events that happened this week, including accomplishments and disappointments- 14 points

Explanation: Continued daily huddle on pain assessment and reassessment required by the Joint Commission and proper nursing documentation. Chart audit was also done after the education sessions and daily huddles. Last week, I mentioned the most significant disappointments were nurses having numerous non-nursing roles, which denied them a few times, the time to document patient conditions and experiences. It remains the source of disappointment for this week. The non-nursing roles are : We make appointments for the patients when the clerks go home at 3 pm. We get disrupted with too many phone calls unrelated to PACU and direct them to the areas they need to connect to. Most of the time, we transport patients. Nurses get the patients dressed when they are ready to go home, and most of the time, we transport patients.

3.Hurdles and barriers- 14 points

Explanation: Other barriers to continuing education and professional development in our unit are staff shortages (we have one nurse on orientation), and another one is starting in August., inconvenient places/times (Our unit opens at 5:30 am and closes at 8:00 pm if there is no admission from the recovery room) Monday to Friday,  fatigue/inability to concentrate after working (We work 12-hour shifts), and family/personal commitments. Other barriers are lack of interest in the topics, past experiences of negative/inadequate programs, lack of program variety, poor planning, inappropriate teachers, and lack of manager/administration support.

4.Project revisions or adjustments- 14 points 

Explanation: The project is on the right track. More extensive EKG interpretation courses will be offered after this practicum course


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