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Greenery Covered Office Rises from And Extends Portuguese Hillside Article Analysis

My topic is on article “Greenery covered office rises from and extends Portuguese hillside”

I just need Business case, change request and change log….attaching templates below

1. Assignment Background and Description

In order to complete this assignment successfully, you and your group will need to analyze an article from the website (“Greenery covered office rises from and extends Portuguese hillside”)and summarize it as a business case. You will then use the case use to identify all the
stakeholders, do an analysis of the stakeholders, create an engagement plan for the stakeholders, and finally
manage the engagement of the stakeholders by introducing a properly completed change request. The source
material will be provided by your professor.

2. High-Level Requirements

Business Case: The business case should define the current state of the organization, its desired state (project
requirements), as well as the steps required to achieve the desired state (project milestones). It should also provide
as much information about any stakeholders as possible, in order to minimize the number of assumptions that need
to be made.

Change Request: Create a change request from one of the most influential stakeholders. The change should be
significant enough to impact multiple stakeholders and the baselines. Be sure to provide justification for the change,
and the impact of the change, so it can be properly assessed. Use the change request form on Moodle for this. (BoF
3.3 Change Request)

Change Log: Enter the change request in the change log. Use the change log form on the Moodle page. (BoF 3.4
Change Log)

Issue Log: Enter any identified issues in the change log. (BoF 3.1 Issue Log)

3. Deliverables
A single MS Word document containing a “Title Page”, a “Table of Contents” generated by MS Word, and all of the
items listed in the high-level requirements section. The power/interest grid may be submitted as a separate Excel file..


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