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Grossmont College Country Leading Developmental Psychologist Discussion

I’m working on a english writing question and need guidance to help me learn.

Part one: Create the following sentences required below and then put them together into your introduction paragraph.

Part two: Once you have posted your answers, you will see your group mates. Reply with a minimum of 5 sentences to one person to help him / her improve their writing, ask a question and/or say what they did really well.

A ] Creating the Hook

Create 4 different kinds of hooks about the subject of this introduction – remember that this time we are focusing on chapters 4,5,6:

  1. Write an interesting statistic/fact about this subject that most people do not know – quote your source
  1. Write a famous quote which may apply to this subject – put the quote in quotation marks (author of quote)
  1. Write an important question that we might ask about the topic. [do not ask about bidding as the reader may not know what this is]
  1. Write a bit of wisdom / old saying you know that is suggested by this subject. It can come from the USA or your country.

Look at your 4 hooks and decide which one you like the best and use that one in your paragraph 🙂

B ] Background information:

1. Write a sentence that explains your favorite hook and relate it to the book, using author name and book title.

2. Write a sentence that introduces who the author of the book is – profession, life experiences that are important.

3. Write 3 sentences telling what the book is about. Define important terms like emotional command systems, emotional heritage, and emotional communication skills in your own words. Focus on chapters 4,5,6.

4. Write 3 sentences explaining why the book is important and why someone should read it.

C ] Make a thesis statement to include the following:

John Gottman’s text The Relationship Cure addresses the importance of really understanding ourselves and others to promote healthy relationships, with which I agree or with which I disagree.


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