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Grossmont College Human and Animal Fossils in Foreign Continents Discussion

A response to 1 peer in 200 words minimum. The student post:

  1. Hello class. My name is Cody Harrison and I am from Orange County, California. I am 21 years old and I am currently a senior at SDSU. This will be my last term before I graduate. I am studying public administration and intend to pursue a career in the fire service. My hobbies consist of being outdoors and doing things like surfing, mountain biking and hiking. Through this course, I hope to learn more about native American culture and learn the true stories of the cultures and traditions.
  2. One of the first things that stood out to me was how the speaker discussed how the stories and books she was reading were British and American books with white people. She discusses how it made her feel insecure thinking that only white people belonged in literature. I think that we are beginning our class by watching this because it demonstrates how western culture has oppressed some cultures by creating a false narrative among cultures where their own traditions and customs are smothered by western culture. I think that this relates to this class because we will learn about how this same concept has applied to native American culture.
  3. One of the controversies surrounding the Bering strait theory has to do with the origins of the early historical beliefs. In early Europe, the historical viewpoints were based on theology. Because of this, all of the theories as to how the natives got there were based on the belief that they descended from Adam and that they were only there for a few thousand years because humans have only been around for a few thousand years. They also believed that the animals and humans there had to have walked there because of the great flood. Another controversy regarding the theory came when Montroville Wilson Dickeson found that a human hip had been excavated with extinct animal fossils. He used fluoride dating to determine that the two fossil sets were of similar age. This meant that the human species had been in the area for much longer than first believed.
  4. The connection that I see between the Bering strait articles and the Ted talk is that both shine light on how history is written from the perspective of white western culture. In both instances, the true history of the people is overshadowed because every theory and belief comes from the viewpoint of western culture and how that piece of history fits into their narrative. One of our key terms that relates to this concept is historical thinking. These examples remind me of this term because we must study history from a factual perspective rather than the preconceived beliefs of western culture.
  5. One thing that immediately stood out to me in regards to the Kumeyaay nation was the vast size of their land. The article states they occupied land from the pacific to Ensenada to the Colorado River. This is amazing to me and eye opening considering their land today is only 70,000 acres. This is why it is important to have an understanding of the natives that lived here before beginning our class because they lived here for 10,000 years and there is such a rich history to learn about. My homeland resides on the former land of the Gabrieleno people. I did not know any of this information before hand and I am surprised to find out they resided here for 10,000 years.


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