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Grossmont College Marketing Service Employee Interview Question

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After reading Chapter 11, interview a service employee. The person you interview should be a front-line employee of a service that deals directly with customers. Choose a different service industry than one in which you yourself have worked. The employee should be low on the organizational chart, reporting to either a manager or supervisor, and employed primarily in a front stage capacity — that is, delivering some aspect of the service that brings him or her into regular contact with customers. Although there may be sales or marketing aspects to the job, these should be secondary to the basic tasks. Possible examples include: airline flight attendant, reservations agent, restaurant server, nurse, police officer, postal employee, bus driver, front-office person in a repair or maintenance shop, customer service representative, computer service engineer, hotel receptionist, bartender, train conductor, and telephone operator.

Use this list when you interview the employee:

Write a 3 page, double-spaced paper in APA format that presents your findings as well as your own insights and perspectives of the employee’s answers in light of the concepts you learned in Chapter 11.

chapter 11 link…

These are the Professors remarks from the last assignment you did for me

“Good job Depth of analysis would increase with increased connection to marketing concepts either from text or outside sources; it is through these connection that opportunities are revealed or successes are confirmed in analysis. Additionally, content is further developed leading to solid recommendations. Outside sources of information (interview, text) not attributed in-text, nor in a reference page; both are required for all academic work. Paragraphs are indented in APA format Continue to develop analytical skills and communicating and citing direct connection to services marketing course concepts in assignments.”


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