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Grossmont College Purpose of Education Discussion


In the last couple of weeks, we learned about the purpose of education according to Martin Luther King Jr. and the reasons Malcolm X had for continuing to learn even during a difficult time in his life. Now, it will be our turn to reflect on the purpose of education for us.

For this assignment:

Write a paragraph about the purpose of education/learning according to you.

This should be 300 words in length, double spaced, typed in a 12pt font (Times New Roman), and formatted in MLA style. It should be ONE single paragraph.

Paragraph Structure:

Please follow the


structure you learned about this week. In your paragraph, please include:

  1. Topic sentence: Identifies what you are trying to explain, show, prove, or argue in your paragraph. In this case, it should make a claim about the purpose of education/learning (NOT according to Martin Luther King Jr. nor Malcolm X, but according to YOU).
    1. Sample topic sentence (point): The purpose of education is to allow us to reach our career goals. OR The purpose of learning is to become better members of our communities and strive for social change.
  2. Information: Develop an example that shows why your reason for getting an education/learning is important to you. The informative section of your paragraph should include specific details of your experience and goals, including who was involved, what happens, where it happens, and when it happens.
    1. Sample Information: For example, my career goal is to be a teacher, and in order to become one, I need to graduate with a bachelor’s degree and teacher’s credentials. To reach this goal, immediately after graduating high school, I enrolled at Cuyamaca College and began talking my general education classes. During my first semester, I signed up for English 120, Math 160 and Psychology 100. All of these classes will help me when I transfer to San Diego State University in a year and a half. From there, I will take specific classes in my field, and I will have to do student teaching before I finish with my degree.
  3. Explanation: The explanation portion of the paragraphs will explain how your Information connects to the Point/how your example/personal experience shows the purpose of education in your life.
    1. Sample Explanation: This shows that going to college and learning is what will help me accomplish my goals of becoming a great teacher. If I did not focus on my education, I would not be able to get this job that I want. Therefore, education has a hugely important purpose in my life as it does in the lives of many others, who go to school every day to learn and to pursue their goals and better their lives.


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