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Grossmont College Racial Profiling Paper

We’ve spent each week this semester learning about and exploring the relationship between different racial and ethnic groups and the criminal justice system.  We’ve addresses racial profiling, the poverty of Native Americans, the challenges of the LatinX community, the jobs of women in corrections and law enforcement, Asians and the criminal justice system and their relationship with other races, etc.  There is not a shortage of problems, issues, and trials that all of these groups face in society, especially when we talk about criminal justice.

Now I want each pair of students to choose one problem or issue with one racial or ethnic group that we’ve discussed thus far.  Choose something that you found interesting, surprising, or something you want to dive in and learn more about.

You will write a paper that must be 2.5 – 3 pages long.  The paper will go in depth in the problem/issue.  Tell me about the problem, tell me what caused it, tell me what the outcomes are of this problem,  etc.  How is it currently affecting a particular racial or ethnic group?  

The paper must be in APA format. That means that you use Times New Roman 12 point font, double space (no extra space between paragraphs), in inch margins, etc.  You must also include in-text citations, giving credit to your research sources.  You must include a cover page and a References page.  If you are unsure about in-text citations, how to do APA format, etc., please set up an appt with a writing tutor.  Papers without proper citations will receive ZERO credit.

Think about these questions as you research and write your paper and make sure you address all of these questions:

Who – Who (what group of people) is affected most by the problem?  Why?

What – What exactly is the problem?  Where did it come from, or what/who caused it?

When – When did the problem start?

Where – Where do we see this problem exist (is it in a particular type of neighborhood, a part of the US, urban areas, etc.)?

Why – Why is this a problem, how does it affect a particular group? Why has it not been solved yet?  Why should we care?


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