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Grossmont College Vulnerability of The Human Body Letter and Reflection

Include a short cover letter. This can be very short! Put it in the discussion box.

The cover letter should say:

  • the idea or point you feel you’ve made most successfully;
  • the idea or point you feel you need help with;
  • any questions you have about how or where to start your revision.

The advantage of a cover letter of this kind is that it gives your reader a clear sense of how you see your draft and where you think it needs work.

reflection paper


Education theorist John Dewey wrote, “We don’t learn from experience . . . we learn from reflecting on experience.”

Writing a reflection is an important method for people to process their experiences and connect what they learn to their own lives.


Write an encouraging letter to yourself—something you might want to read before you start the next year.

In your letter, address each of the following questions:

1) Strengths. What work (assignments and projects) of yours was especially strong? Why? Explain its positive features and what contributed to their success.

2) Challenges. What was less strong? What aspects were weaker? How can you deal with these challenges in the future?

3) Learning. What do you think you learned the most about? How can what you learned through this class change the way you act or change the way you learn in the future?

4) Participation. What participation grade would you give yourself and why? Thinking about participation, what will you continue to do in future classes? Why? What will you change?


Write this as a letter to yourself. Don’t create a numbered list; start with a greeting (like “Dear [your name]” or “Hi [your name]) and sign your name at the end.

Also, for clarity, start a new paragraph for each new question. The paragraphs don’t need to be any particular length.


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