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Grossmont Cuyamaca Community College Child Development Question

6 Assignments total and all are different- First assignment: Need help with Essay Question #1:
Using the seven elements of the Well-Being of Children report at the end of the chapter, give examples from the chapter for each incorporating the terms that Urie Bronfenbrenner used to describe the Ecosystem of a child. In other words, tell whether your example falls into the Individual, Microsystem, Mesosystem, Exosystem, Marcrosystem or Chronosystem and explain why. Remember to cite the text a minimum of three times and include a Reference Page at the end. Second Assignment: Analyze the effects of divorce on children as outlined in our text. Include the different child custody issues discussed there also. Then assess the validity of that information based upon what you have observed on a personal basis in your own life or those of your friends.(Remember to follow the basic APA format–not including a cover page or abstract unless you want the practice–with in-text citations and a reference entry at the end.) Assignment 3:List, compare, and contrast the elements of appropriate parenting practices vs. inappropriate parenting practices. Share as many personal examples that you may have observed or experienced in yourself or your friends.

Remember to have a reference page entry at the end and cite the text with an APA format citation in your narrative. Also, use basic APA format with double spacing, indented paragraphs, headings, and good proofreading to catch grammar and formatting errors. Assignment 4:Describe and analyze accepted child characteristics versus neglected/rejected child characteristics. Explain which ones adults can influence and how? Explain which ones can peers influence and how?

As always, make sure you cite the text in your narrative, have a reference page entry, use basic APA format, and proofread for grammar or typo mistakes. Assignment 5:Using the text detail, analyze your favorite television show, movie, and book from childhood. Discuss why you liked it so much and what influence it had on you.

AS ALWAYS, INCLUDE A REFERENCE PAGE ENTRY AT THE END OF EACH POST AND INCLUDE APA FORM IN-TEXT CITATIONS IN THE NARRATIVES FOR EACH POST. Assignment 6:Read the chapter and listen to the recorded lecture, read through all of the other students’ Program Analysis Abstracts which are in a document above. On the first page of that document is an index which will tell you which page you will find each of the programs on.

Think of this as our class 2-1-1

Choose three different terms (concepts) from Chapter 11 and describe them using the text and personal experience. (You can look at the power point to get ideas for some of the terms or concepts.)

Then choose three of the programs described in the document with all of the student Abstracts. Explain how each of those three programs can be related to each of the three terms (concepts) you chose to describe.

You can relate the three different programs to one, two or three of the concepts depending upon the nature of the program and the concepts you chose.



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