gun violence sample paper

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Attention grabber: Have you heard of the eight years old girl who was afraid she could be shot during lockdown by her fellow student because her shoes light up? Have you heard of the 14 years old who was fatally shot after refusing to accompany a boy to a promotion concert?

Audience analysis: Americans (53%) favor stricter gun laws as they perceive the is urgency in addressing the control, only 47% are convinced that the current gun use policies are efficient in reducing violence (Gale, 2016). I feel that this is a small number considering the impact that gun control policies have on the genera American society.

Credibility: According to the recent statistics from the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there have been an increase on number of Americans killed by gun every year. You could be victim of these statistics probably due to lack of robust policies in your State regarding gun control. Deaths arising from gun violence can be avoided, if we take up the role of advocacy in our communities (Christine Watkins, 2012).

It’s rational that when your loved ones depart due to common illnesses or accidents, you will have a base for solace since I know you try your best to give them best possible care. However, when the same scenario arise due to mass shooting, you would be heartbroken. It’s a huge concern for all of us when promising lives are cut short due to such acts of negligence (Burton, Emory, 2002).


 I remember the 2015 mass shooting incidence in Paris with horror and terror. The gun men killed 130 people and seriously injured 413 people. Since the Second World War, this was the deadliest attack on French territory. These statistics show the overarching need for gun control due to the threat it poses on our globe.

However controversial solution for gun control is, the government must tighten gun use policies. We should do what we are best for as Americans, coming together for a common course. Can we blatantly take away people’s right to own firearms which is against our constitution? Taking this route would only escalate gun violence (Christine Watkins, 2012). A country such as ours is defined by its peace, cohesiveness and happiness of its people rather than the ability to carry guns and use them on slightest provocation. Currently, American democracy is at edge of complete disaster if the much awaited guns laws are not passed soon.

 The second amendment gives the people the right to carry firearms. What we need to come to reality with is that these laws no longer fit in the current American society. The thing is, our government couldn’t be anything less than a democracy (Gale, 2016). Probably, the people are afraid that the government could overpower the fundamental rights and freedoms, which necessitated adoption of guns by ordinary American citizen. However, it’s time that we came to the harsh realities that gun control needs to be exercised if we will dare to dream of an American future (Mooney, 2005).


Gun violence has impacted highly on social, political and economic life of American citizens. Just recently, the president called on the states to adopt bullet-proof policies to control guns use in public. On average, there have been an increase in the gun related death from 1990 to 2022, most of gun deaths in our country are from suicide (Gale, 2017). These cases indicate a real threat to our families and society. Today, this threat is even higher as it’s easy to obtain firearms and may people misuse their powers enshrined in constitution to hold firearms.


The problem we are experiencing related to gun violence arises from absolute lack of good policies to manage gun use. In most cases, its guns that are in wrong hands that pose a threat to our societies. I believe that the purpose of the gun control policy we are advocating for is not to deny Americans rights to own firearms, but to restrain careless gun carriers from causing injury to self and others (Mooney, Chris, 2005). This includes terror attacks, hatred murders or school shooting. It’s clear that with guns, people find it easier to kill or harm themselves.


I think that the ultimate solution to gun violence is Stricter Gun Control Would Reduce  and this can be achieved through compulsorily re-training of all gun holders and new applicants. I know this may seem too familiar but it will ultimately save lives. This training should begin in schools where every student should be trained on gun use policies after which, they are awarded a certificate (Chris Mooney, 2005). For instance, more than 292,000 students have experienced gun violence at school since the Columbine high massacre of 1999. Therefore, training students and gun holders, similar to motor vehicle licence, will ultimately work in reducing the number of casualties due to gun violence. We should not let any more deaths feature our dailies, if we can do something as a society to change the current situation (Matt Bennett, 2016). I know we have educators, political players, social influencers and opinion leaders here. The American future depends on your action to control gun violence


The unpreceded fatalities attributed to gun violence can be stopped if we all take up the burden of positively influencing the society. I wish to conclude by appealing to policy makers to formulate policies which will enable states include gun use curriculum in their education systems. Probably, when we educate our children how to handle a rifle, we will see a definite positive future trend in responsible gun use. When this is done, we will not be talking of 316 people being shot daily as it is currently.

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