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Handling Crisis Situation Management in Organization Presentation

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Crisis tends to be something that is learned through life experience. Many people learn life’s lessons through the “school of hard knocks.” Hopefully, they learn from each life experience dealing with crisis OR as one of my professional mentors once told me, “They will have LONG lives to live.” Repeating mistakes over and over is very painful.

Some people thrive in organizations that go from one crisis to the next. They get a “rush” from dealing with people and/or resource issues that may get right to the heart of organizational survival and/or individual perseverance. They claim that they only feel alive in a constant storm of crisis. At the other end of the spectrum, some people hit the ground due to the “incoming” crisis attack and pick themselves up only to flee with the goal of keeping themselves as intact as possible. Others fall somewhere between the two endpoints of crisis management. 

When facing a crisis, surgency personalities tend to take the leadership position to solve the crisis and agreeableness personalities are glad to follow. Those with adjustment problems tend to get emotional under the pressure of a crisis and often get defensive and deny there is a problem, whereas conscientious personalities with an openness to experience tend to want to resolve the crisis. 

Please reflect on the following questions.

1. How do you handle crisis situations? Using an example from work, school, and/or home briefly describe some of your experiences in dealing with a crisis. Describe how your personality traits in leadership theory and/or your previous experiences at work, school, and/or home in leadership practice have made you more effective as a crisis manager in difficult situations.

2. How can you improve? 


The key personality trait that differs between the traditional organization and the learning organization is openness to new experience. If you are closed to new experience, you will tend to like a traditional organization in which change is slow and the top management makes the decisions. If you are open to new experience, you will tend to enjoy a learning organization in which you are encouraged and valued for implementing change and making many of your own decisions. 

Please answer the following questions.

1. Will you be more comfortable in a traditional or learning organization? 

2. Why? Please briefly explain. 

Submission Instructions

1.  The content of your presentation (all four questions answered well)

2.  You must use video comment on your own presentation.  

3.  You must look professional in your presentation and please do not just read from the slides.

4.  You presentation should not be more than 5 slides and not longer than 5 minutes. 


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