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Harvard Saudi Aramco Strategic Change Management Paper

Request: Covid-19 has affected all
organizations and the world as we have known it no longer exists. Throughout
the world, organizations need to relook at the way they operate. Your task is
to help Saudi Aramco manage this change. Saudi Aramco (,
officially the Saudi Arabian Oil Company, is a Saudi Arabian public petroleum
and natural gas company based in Dhahran. As of 2020, it is one of the largest
companies in the world by revenue.

Analyze the key decision-makers in Saudi Aramco and determine
the challenges, what needs to change, and the consequences of not changing.
Apply change tools and models and develop a change strategy and plan. Also show
how Saudi Aramco can lead its stakeholders in developing and adopting the
strategy for change, how they should plan to implement the chosen change
strategy and how they should deal with resistance. Reflect on what you have
learned from this process and what you could have been done better.

Write up the total process in a written assignment format
by answering the questions below. Strict academic guidelines need to be adhered
to such as referring to credible academic journals and articles and following
the Harvard referencing format.

Answer the following questions (The maximum number of words is
listed after each part)):

1. Executive Summary [Max-100 words]

2. Introduction of Saudi Aramco and background to change
(historic set of changes-highlight the major ones as part of the sustainability
of Saudi Aramco) [Max- 500 words]

3. Examine the need for change in Saudi Aramco. Assess the
factors that drive the need for strategic change and critically evaluate the
resource implications for not responding to these changes. [Max 700 words]

4. Explain any two change management models and evaluate the
relevance of these models in Saudi Aramco. [Max-500 words]

5. Describe any three major types of recent changes what Saudi
Aramco has already done and evaluate their implications on the company
performance. [Max-700 words]

6. Investigate the barriers to change during the changes in
question 5, and explain how did Saudi Aramco overcome those barriers? [Max-500

7. Conclusions and recommendations. [Max-500 words]


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