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Harvard University Biometrics to Identify Patients Annotated Bibliography

Request: The entire annotated bibliography needs to be on single topic. So choose first a topic and then make sure that all the articles you approach are relevant to this subject. Also keep in mind that this is a writing task which means that there will be an emphasis on the chosen vocabulary and writing skills.

To create a purposeful annotated bibliography, the following information should be included: the specific citation, a brief summary or paragraph about the article, and how it pertains to your research question.

Step 1: Write 3–4 sentences answering the following questions:

Identify and describe a recent      change that occurred in your workplace. It could be a change in the levels      of staffing; a change in policy, such as time off or tuition      reimbursement; a change in use of equipment or supplies; a change in      charting or computerized medical records; and so on.

Describe the change in 3-4       sentences.

1 of the sentences should       address the rationale for the change.

Step 2: Begin researching scholarly articles from the library from the past 5 years that are related to the change issue identified in Step 1.

Complete a 6-column table of      the references you found, including the following:

  • Author(s) last name, first       initial.


Title of article.

  • Title of Publication,
  • Volume #(Issue #),
  • Pages of the article.

A minimum of 6 scholarly      references are needed to complete this assignment; you may find more.

    Change Issue: Low Census Staffing Policy
    Currently, when the patient census is low, staff go home based on tenure; the same staff are continually going home, resulting in a lower paycheck for these nurses. The proposed change is to rotate all staff to leave when the census is low, regardless of tenure, so the burden of potentially lower pay is shared among the entire staff and not the same few.



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