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Harvard University Bobs Liability to Homicide Case Study

Request:  Read the case study below and discuss Bob’s liability in relation to homicide. The work you provide needs to be fully original and needs to be written from a legal perspective ( I will attach a short plan which is nowhere finished to give you an idea the subject we approach) and you need to incorporate various laws ( THE LAWS SHOULD BE UK LAWS AND NOT otherwise the file will receive a failing grade). The final work should be approximately 2000 words, Harvard references, Double Spaced. Once again, make sure you approach the subject from a legal perspective and not as a story. It needs to be supported by various U.K laws and legal system concepts

Case Study: Bob is married to Carol. Their marriage has been going through a difficult period because of Bob’s impotence and violent mood swings. Bob has been aware that Carol has been unfaithful to him but has not said anything to her but has lost his temper with her on a number of occasions and assaulted her. Bob has been examined by a psychiatrist and advised that he suffers from a behavioural disorder which manifests itself in aggression towards women. Bob has also become depressed because he has been made redundant and cannot find another job.

One afternoon Bob returns home unexpectedly and finds Carol in bed with his best friend John, having sex. As he happens to be in an exceptionally phlegmatic mood, Bob calmly opens his wallet, takes out a £20 note and gives it to John saying, “go and find a real whore”. As Bob turns to leave the room Carol shouts, “At least he satisfies me which is more than you can do”.

Bob picks up a heavy handheld mirror from Carol’s dressing table and deals her a series of savage blows to the head, killing her. The glass from the mirror is dislodged by the final impact with Carol’s head and flies across the bed, hitting John in the neck. Bob sees this but runs off in a panic. John dies within minutes due to blood loss.

Discuss Bob’s liability in relation to homicide. 


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