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Harvard University Criminal Justice Discussion

150words each total of 300 words

First reply

The use of physical force should not be allowed in defending physical property because existing legislation protects the right of citizens to own property. The law limits the use of power, and the rule of law binds all citizens. However, the use of force should be allowed in defending property. Use of force is acceptable under certain conditions such as a threat to life, preventing crime, and arresting the offenders.

Indiana state law on “Stand Your Ground” law in part allows citizens to use reasonable force in situations where a person or third person is under threat of use of excessive and unlawful coercion (Humphreys, Gasparrini & Wiebe, 2017). The societal effect of the law is that citizens may apply mob justice to offenders. Hence, helping in preventing crime and burglary. The law will not increase legal caseloads. While trying to defend their property, the law should not punish a person who disables the suspect permanently.

Second reply

The diet is defined as the combination of different foods that are consumed by people or other organisms. There are different meals that are present in my diet plan, such as I take protein and fiber in the breakfast and avoid fat-containing food. After three hours, I take little snacks because I feel hungry due to the fewer calories in breakfast. The lunch consists of a sandwich, fresh veggie salad, and healthy clear soup because all these products are healthy. I also take some heavy food in the lunch because food can be digested at this time. I also take midnight snacks, but it is optional because I often forget this snack and directly jump to dinner. My dinner part is heavy because I count the calories that I have took the entire day to manage the proteins of the entire diet plan.

The recommendation that is important for my health is that I should add fresh juices to my diet plan because there are different benefits. There is no doubt that I am taking the fresh vegetables in salad form, but I should also focus on drinking fresh juices regularly because there are different benefits of these juices. The health can become enhanced because the immunity becomes boost with these juices. I have made my diet plan in such a manner that I can stay active and healthy because I want to stay away from different diseases. All the foods that I eat the entire day are counted for calories so that the daily need for the calories can be managed efficiently (Davis, 2010).


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