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Harvard University Criminal Justice False Confessions Essay

I’m working on a criminal justice writing question and need guidance to help me learn.

The topic of this work is: False Confessions ( I attached the guideline in word document so you have a better understanding of what I am looking forward)

Request: There are 4 articles provided which you must use (they are mentioned in the word document). You need to obtain one additional article on the same topic by conducting a literature search on an academic website (Google Scholar/ Psyc info). This additional article should help inform what you are going to write about. Write your essay so that the general public (who might not have a solid understanding of scientific research) could understand them. Here is what we would like to see you do:

Imagine that a coworker, supervisor, or client asked you to report on and make policy recommendations about a forensic psychology issue. You should think of your essay as a report that you might write for this purpose.  

Essay should start with an overview of the topic. Summarize and explain what the topic is that you are going to write about. 

Next, you should summarize the articles (all 5) that we provided to you for your chosen topic. What did each article set out to learn? What did they do? What did they find? What conclusions did they make? Again, be sure to try and communicate this to a non-technical audience. 

Once you’ve done that, what might you say to people about what the research literature says about the topic? Thinking across all of the articles you’ve read, what are some common themes?  Again, thinking across all of the articles, what are some future research directions or unanswered questions that you think are important? (If you were to be a researcher, this would be how to identify potential study / experiment ideas.) 

Finally, if an organization or agency wanted to develop some “best practices” based on scientific research, what are some recommendations you might make? You can either do this generally, or identify a specific organization (perhaps one that is part of your career trajectory) and make recommendations that would be relevant to that group. 


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