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Harvard University Saltzer and Schroeders 1975 Design Principles Paper

Week 1 Individual

Base on the reading assignment, your experience, and personal research, please answer the following questions according to the provided instructions.

  • Thoroughly explain what is recovering, data, and validation as it relates to cell phone forensics?
  • What is evidence contamination as it relates to digital forensics?
  • List and describe at least two forms of contamination and how they can be avoided
  • What is the Faraday method?
  • List and explain three of the strategies associated with Faraday Methods

Checklist q u i z

There are 10 multiple choice questions in this . You have 10 minutes to complete this . You will only have one sitting to do this.

Week 1 Discussion Posting

After reading chapter 1, compare and contrast two fundamental security design principles. Analyze how these principles and how they impact an organizations security posture. The initial post must be completed by Wednesday at 11:59 eastern. You are also required to post a response to a minimum of two other student in the class by the end of the week. You must use at least one scholarly resource.

Every discussion posting must be properly APA formatted.

Your initial response is due by Wednesday of each week of the course and you must respond to a minimum of two other learners during the week.

Your responses to other students must be more than a simple “Good job” or “I agree with your post”. They must also not just be “Let me add to your post…” Instead, your responses to each other should do three things:

1. Acknowledge the other student’s post with some form of recognition about what they posted
2. Relate their posting to something you have learned or are familiar with
3. Add to the conversation by asking additional questions about their post, or discussing their topic further

Remember, this is a discussion forum. Your engagement with each other should be similar to how you would speak with each other if you were seated at the same table talking. Plagiarism in the discussion will not be tolerated.


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