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Harvard University William Lethaby Architecture Nature and Magic Discussion

I have attached the draft that I wrote on
Lethapy book but I focused on both books, I would like you to rewrite my draft
and add to it. Lehtaby’s book architecture nature and magic. here are my
professor’s comments please read them and follow his explanation. 10 Page
paper, Double Spaced, APA Format.
Please DO NOT copy from the draft,
instead feel free to rephrase the information provided there. Follow the
professors comments above to write the paper accordingly.

There are two very different editions of Lethaby’s book. The
earlier one is Architecture, Mysticism and Myth and the later one is Architecture,
Nature and Magic
. You’ll want to be clear in identifying which text you are
using in your writing. I think you were using the second edition.

The first paragraph of your abstract identifies the basic
strategy of Lethaby in how he approaches the topic. that is very good, but you
could elaborate on it further. What is his conception of “nature”
when he uses that word? How is modern architecture to put these ideas to use?
There are some good ideas regarding that in Trevor Garnham’s essay in his book
Melsetter House: William Richard lethaby (Phaidon, 1993).

Your second paragraph identifies a single example – the tope –
and discusses it. You could add how he thought it was meaningful. In the first
edition of the book, he discusses it in the chapter titled Microcosmos, where
he identifies buildings that are created as small versions of the universe.
This is relevant both to the form and the materials that are identified (7
shining materials – 7 planets, for example). You could also add more
information about the tope from architectural history – what were one or two
significant examples and what makes them unique? Do they relate to Lethaby’s
larger message?

Your final paragraph returns to the larger theme where he
distinguishes building for physical human needs vs. building for psychological
human needs. These in ancient times were magic, etc. but he sees it as a
relevant message even for modern times. Why is that? I do, however, really
enjoy your ending with ‘a bit of magic’. How do you reflect upon Lethaby’s
argument? Is there still a place for “magic” in today’s architecture
when we no longer believe in magic?


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