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HCAD 600 UMDC Macro Trends Affecting the Health Workforce in Washington DC Essay

Prompted in part by the ideas presented for the technology innovation project, the Human Resources Committee of the Board of Directors has become increasingly concerned about the ability to identify, recruit, and retain the appropriate skill mix for the organization.  The CEO has designated an interdisciplinary team and asked it to prepare an analysis of current trends and their impact on the organization’s human resources in 2025.  More specifically, the CEO relays that the Board Chair has expressed concern about workforce shortages in such key areas as nursing, medical technology, and long term care.

The analysis is to have two components: a detailed document to be submitted to the CEO and a briefing to be delivered to the Board.

Instructions for Paper 

  • Write a 10 -12 page Team report, in APA style that:

1)  Identifies and discusses the macro-trends affecting the health workforce in a region of your choice (focus on the greater metropolitan Washington, DC,), the future of the US healthcare system, including such aspects as the overall economy, demographics, personal lifestyles and behaviors, technology (including biotechnology and smartphones), and federal and state government policies. Note that these factors are neither exhaustive nor are they offered as a mandatory framework; your research will identify macro-trends relevant to your findings.

2)  Using the above analysis identifies current and projected occupational shortages for your selected region, efforts to address these shortages, and your recommendations for a solution.  Be sure to explicitly link each aspect with the specific trends identified in your analysis.

A minimum of five (5) references to independent research journals, official government sources, or non-vested technical reports must be incorporated and cited using APA style.

Be sure to support your conclusions with the appropriate source material. Conclusions are not just “your opinion.” Each conclusion must be clearly linked to eternally valid sources of information.

Prepare your essay in MS Word with 1-inch margins on all sides, double-spaced and 12 pt. Times New Roman font; and upload it to the assignment folder. A title sheet, abstract, body of the paper, and reference list are all required for this paper. Please note that the 12-page limit applies to the body of the paper.

Some success tips:

Plan and research for

  1. Ideas, hypothesis, and thoughts about the major trends affecting the US healthcare system
  2. Great job opportunities for health care managers in 2020. (and why you think that)
  3. Issues and challenges of working together as an effective team.

Writing outline


Overview and Purpose of the Analysis

2. Macro Trends Affecting the US Healthcare System






Personal lifestyles and behavior




Federal and state policies

3. Good Professional Opportunities for Healthcare Managers IN 2020


Professional Opportunity One


Supporting Macro-trends


Professional Opportunity Two


Supporting Macro-trends


Professional Opportunity Three


Supporting Macro-trends


Professional Opportunity Four


Supporting Macro-trends


Professional Opportunity Five


Supporting Macro-trends

4. References 


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