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HCCC Learning Critical Thinking a Set of Reasons Discussion

1-Argument is the most fundamental concept in our study of critical thinking. The word argument is often mistaken to be a form of quarrel between two people. But in reality, argument means to set premises, that act as reasons for accepting the conclusion. It is a crucial part of critical thinking. It can refer in everyday use to the process of debating an issue. In the academic context when we refer to ”an argument” we are usually using this in the sense of a product. It is something we construct and present. It is represents our considered opinion, and is based on reasons and/or evidence. In fact, argument is an important part of my task when I am talking to someone or when I am writing to prove and support a certain of evidences. Argument play an important role in my career chosen as a future nurse I will be able to talk to the patients and their families and explain things well to them. And I also know before having any argument in the future I should make research to support my point, with that I will be able to think critically and improve my communication skills, and are tend to admit issues that are important to me. I am confident that my argument will be more convincing.

2- A forceful and effective technique to criticize or answer to an issue, as well as the claims of a crisis, is to use argument. The argument is also necessary for both parties to understand each other. Despite the fact that there are certain points of contention, the argument ultimately presents good and practical methods for accepting the conclusion and accepting the opposing viewpoint. which party he sympathizes with the most. An argumentative essay’s general structure follows this pattern. The argumentative essay, a sort of essay that gives reasons for all sides of an issue, is the most significant technique to clarify the argument. One side can be presented more forcefully than the other, or both sides can be equally balanced. It all relies on the writer’s preference for one side or the other. Controversy is a crucial part of my professional life, both among my undergraduate classmates and in my future line of employment. I learned how to conduct research in college. I’m looking for facts, reasons, references, and quotes to back up and reinforce my argument and express my claims.


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