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HCCS How Many People Will Help a Homeless Person Naturalistic Observation

write up a brief 1 page naturalistic observation. Follow the guidelines below (Due to the pandemic you can use people in your home, video, movie or TV show).

Decide what you will observe and develop a hypothesis – What do you THINK you will see during your observation. For example, ‘It is hypothesized 60% of women will look in the mirror while only 25% of men will look in the mirror while passing by.

” 2) Choose a setting and time for the observation. You are to spend approximately fifteen to twenty minutes watching and making a detailed record of the subject(s), gathering data which will “begin” to test your hypothesis.  Take notes on everything you can observe about the subject(s).

Write a one page typed (12 pt. font, double spaced) report of your observations. Try to be as objective as possible, but feel free to make well-reasoned inferences about what you have seen. Your report should include the following:

a. An introduction which tells what the observation is about. You should explain how you came up with your hypothesis and why you chose the particular setting and subject(s) to test.

b. A detailed account of the subject(s) and of the behaviors you observed is needed.

c. Also, a discussion of any conclusions you can draw from the observation should be included.

Possible ideas (but please BE CREATIVE!)

· Observe a homeless person asking for money, how many people help?

· Observe students leaving school, walking in the mall, or sitting in a restaurant, how many are on their cell phone?

· How many people driving are on a cell phone?

· How many people go through a yellow light?

· Observe parenting behavior. How may raise their voice?

· Observe children interacting at a playground. What types of behavior do they show?

· Observe a particular ‘social group’. What similarities do they show? What differences do they show?

· How many people wipe down the gym equipment after they use it?

· How many people return their shopping carts to the cart area?

· What percentage of people order water rather than soft drinks? Is there a correlation in body size?


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