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HCM 441 Siena Heights University Statistical Revenue and Expenses Budget Excel

I am trying to prepare budgets for a case study that covers financial principles on the healthcare industry. I am using a textbook called “Introduction to the Financial management of healthcare Organizations” 8th edition. Author: Michael Nowicki.

I have attached several screenshots of the textbook pages that cover the case and provide the necessary information and data tables.

I have also attached screenshots of the chapter of the textbook that this question references, which is chapter 14. Pages 387-381 provide a budgeting example I attempted to use as a guide for the case study question. At this point, I am working on Question 9. I have already moved on and completed some of the other questions, so question 9 is my current concern. Question 9 asks for a statistical budget, a revenue budget in statement of operations format, and 4 expense budgets in statement of operations format.

I have also attached the statement of operations, which I completed in Question 1. I am not sure if this is needed, but since question 9 asks for the revenue and expense budgets in statement of operations format, I have included it.

I have also attached an excel Doc with my work so far. It is not yet complete, and it is possible that some of what I have done is wrong. My work so far ends with step 2, as seen on the example provided on page 378.On page 469, Paragraph 2, Ms. controller references DRGs is a severity index of 1. Based on the content of chapter 14 and the example on page 378 I believe this is relevant. I have also been using Table IV as my starting point since it looks similar to the example on page 378, but this could be a mistake as well.

Here is where I am lost:

  • Question 9 asks for the revenue and expense budgets in statement of operations format. However the textbook does not provide an example of this as far as I can see. I am not sure how to create this without something to look at.
  • The example provided on page 387-381 provided data that I do not see in the case study details, so I am unsure how to proceed.
  • Question 9 asks for (4) expense budgets and specifies different variables for each. I am unsure how to proceed and apply those variables.

I do not necessarily require a 100% correct answer. What I need is a best attempt to complete this task based on the data provided. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


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