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HCS 370 UP WK 3 Organizational Behavior in Healthcare Field Discussion


Groups and teams in the healthcare are very important because if it weren’t for teams we would not be where we are today. Having teams allows for more ideas and faster work. I do believe that teams in the healthcare make a difference between life and death situations. So yes they are very important in the healthcare. An example would mostly be the health care workers all over the world that had to face the pandemic together. I will not lie, I was terrified and for over a year my family and I did not do much. We kept safe but to be honest my children didn’t receive that much of an education because of the pandemic. The healthcare workers stuck together and worked through the pandemic and saved many lives. I haven’t had many jobs but the few I have had working as teams was very helpful. We would meet up in the morning in the break room and discuss the day and at lunch we would meet up and go over anything new we learned or had questions on. I learned to always speak up and be apart of the team. The best and brightest ideas come from teams.

Borkowski, N., & Meese, K. A. (2021). Organizational behavior in health care (4th ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning.

The Healthcare field is a very challenging and important field to work for because people’s lives and health depend on the job that health workers perform. Working as teams are such an important part of health care because your work performance will be more productive and enjoyable. When it comes to health care, so many hats are worn and as a person in this field, we assume so many roles such as student, teacher, leader and caregiver and at the same time having to deal with our patients and staff on professional and respectful manner never missing a beat. I believe that being a part of a team or having a team in health care is important because it allows more to get done as well as allowing everyone to learn from one another and also helps keep someone from getting burnt out and stressed. In my experience working as a team has been enjoyable as well as challenging. And if I had to choose one lesson to be learned, I would say create and keep a good line of communication open within your team or organization because it will help bring clarity and keep things in line. 


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