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health care quality and improvement

1. According to Ethoven (2009), an integrated delivery system (IDS) “is an organized, coordinated, and collaborative network that links various healthcare providers to provide a coordinated, vertical continuum of services to a particular patient population or community” (para. 1). There a number of benefits with the use of IDS’s. Discuss several benefits associated with integrated delivery systems in regard to healthcare quality and delivery.

Ethoven, A.C. (2009). Integrated delivery systems: The cure for fragmentation. The American Journal of Managed Care. Retrieved from

2. According to Stelson, Hille, Eseonu, & Doolen (2017), “continuous improvement (CI) is a lean process improvement principle. In Lean, the goal is to maximize client benefit by reducing elements detrimental to service aims” (para. 1). There are several factors that affect continuous improvement in healthcare. Discuss what elements that drive continuous improvement projects success in healthcare.




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