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REQUIRED:  Before completing that final report prepare a (2) two-page outline of what will be contained in your final project. Provide the references you plan to use (at least 10). Turn the outline in for approval before starting the after action report. 

How to write an outline

AFTER you have turned the 2 page outline : Prepare your final Disaster Response After Action Report. The final report is due 7/26/2021

All disasters will impact healthcare operations at some level. Therefore, from the lens of a Healthcare Administrator CEO / COO overseeing the operations of the healthcare enterprise, located in the region or location of the natural or man-made disaster with the advantage of a retrospective view of the disaster response, IN AT LEAST 25 PAGES determine what went well, what were the challenges, and how could the response have been improved. 

Your sections will be separated as follows:

1. Cover Page

2. Abstract

3. Table of Contents

4. Introduction

5. Background: Pick one disaster to research

-2011 Joplin, MO Tornado

– Hurricane Sandy: New Jersey

-2017 Las Vegas Mass-Shooting

-Camp Fire: The California Wildfire of 2018

-COVID 19 Pandemic in (pick one state) either, California, Texas, Florida, New York,

-Cyberattack on Universal Health Services, Inc., 2018

6. Outline of a Disaster Response Plan for the chosen event (based on the original plan) 

7. Outline for a Continuity of Operations (COOP) Plan (expand on #6 based on the changing environment of the disaster). Make sure to describe the strategic approach to leadership and application of managerial functions.

8. Disaster Response After Action Report: lessons learned (Make sure to describe the strategic approach to leadership and application of managerial functions).

9. Reference Page

*********** Remember, that for your project, you are going back in time to determine how a disaster response could have been improved upon. Your proposed adjustments need to be evidence-supported, financially sustainable, and practical. 


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