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Heroin Using Professor Wants to Change How We Think About Drugs Discussion

When writing a paper remember these items are important:1.Organization: Clarity, logical flow and sequence of ideas2.Content: Relevance, completeness, comprehensiveness, At least two current references from a reputable journal and from credible websites in the last 5 years. (No newsletters, popular magazines, pamphlets, Wikipedia etc.). Supplemental resources such as NIH’s SAMHSA are acceptable.3.Format: Sentence structure, grammar, references (Use APA 6thor 7thEdition Format)

direction for Current Issues Summary–

Introduction:Public Health Issues are prevalent throughout the United States and worldwide. These issues can be associated with epidemics and the spread of disease, environmental disasters, community health care delivery, personal health behaviors, etc. The purpose of the assignment is to understand a public health issue and suggest a solution to remedy the problem.

Selection of Topic:The student could select any current public health event or ongoing health problem from a professional & reputable publication. Examples are: Daily publications : (e.g.): L.A. Times , New York Times,etc?Weekly publications : (e.g.) : Time, Newsweek ,etc?Health relatedwebsites?Public Health Journals andPublications

Fact sheets are not acceptable sources for the summary paper. The chosen topics/publications must be current. Students must cite the source of the information and attach a source link.

The summary should cover the following content areas: (10 points per sections 1-5)

1.Introduction:Provide an objective overview of the public health issue, what issue is the article highlighting; discuss why this is a public health issue.

2.Discuss the causes of the current (current year) problem and describe the severity of the problem (Who is affected, what are the currentstatistics)

3.Identify public health agencies involved (or should be involved) with thisissue. (What steps are being taken to address the currentproblem?)

4.Identification of the interventions discussed in the article and how they relateto the types of interventions discussed in our HSCI 345 coursereadings.

5.Your suggestion for addressing this problem. Your recommendation should directly reflect and be specifically supported by the course readings and discussions. Please make specific references to thesereadings.


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