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Hialeah High School The Importance of a University Degree Essay

Write three (3) paragraphs of more than 300 words altogether where you state and explain at least two (2) reasons why having a university degree is important. Please, follow these guidelines:

  1. In the first paragraph, you must provide an introduction and clearly state your main idea (thesis statement).
  2. In the second paragraph, you must develop and clearly explain at least two (2) reasons.
  3. In the last paragraph (3), you must write your conclusions based on the main idea (thesis statement).
  4. You must reply to one (1) of your classmates.
  5. Be really careful with grammar, punctuation, and mechanics: (Run-Ons, Fragments, Subject-Verb Agreement, Pronoun Types, Pronoun Agreement-Reference, Spelling, Punctuation-Uses of the Comma, Capitalization).
  6. Attached below, you will find the rubrics that I will use to grade your discussion
  1. You can see above the essay of my classmate , the replay only need 5-8 sentences
  2. The Importance of Having a University DegreeIs very importance having a University Degree, if you obtain a University Degree you can feel confident and sure because you could certify your capability and your efficiency like a professional and you would be contributing to form a better society.While you are studying at the University you are receiving all the instructions to confront challenges about your career and the same time about life. All the tutors, using scenarios or exercises, like you find in the real life and then they train you to have a more critical view of the world and make difficult decisions. Having a University Degree, it is reflected in getting a better salary and inclusive if you have some abilities in Technology undoubtedly you will have a better future.In addition, you will be part of qualified society and build a good education and you will feel more responsible person and more committed to doing things better and thus being able to obtain satisfactory results.In my opinion, Is a good a idea Having a University Degree, speaking from my experience, I am graduate in Accounting in my country and now I am studying Marketing & Sales, because I am a entrepreneur person and I want to develop all of my knowledge in my own business, and in that way I could show all of my professional abilities and skills about the area in which I am training and defines me as a organized, responsible and independent person.Yennifer Da Silva


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