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Hillsborough Community College Epidemiology Discussion

The representation shows five concentric circles. The first inner circle represents age, sex, and constitutional factors. The second circle represents individual lifestyle factors. The third circle represents social and community networks. The fourth circle represents living and working conditions that include unemployment, water and sanitation, healthcare services, housing, work, education, and agriculture and food production. The fifth circle represents general socioeconomic, cultural, and environmental conditions.

Review the graphic and answer the following:

1. What effect do social conditions have on their health?

2. What does the term determinant of health mean?

3. How can inequities in health be assessed?

Part 2: Michael

1. Social conditions can have a variety of effects on the health of a population. For example, education is seen as an obvious indicator of future health. It is theorized that higher levels of education corrsepond with better health due to “adoption of healthy lifestyles due to awareness, acquisition of health-related knowledge (“health literacy”), and better ability to “navigate the healthcare system.” (Khaliq, 2020) Similarly, there have been studies showing that 25-year old college graduates tend to live an average of 8-9 years longer than counterparts who did not finish high school.

2. Determinants of health are all of the genetic, socioeconomic, racial, behavioral, and environmental factors that make a person more or less vulnerable to disease or illness and affect the overall health of a person.

3. Inequities in health can be assessed by examining overall in population health between different socioeconomic groups over a period of time. In most western European countries, the mortality rate in lower socioeconomic groups can be anywhere from 25-50% higher than that of higher socioeconomic groups.


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