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HIS 301 University of Phoenix Week 3 United States Constitution Paper

HIS/301: United States Constitution

Wk 3 – Signature Assignment: Bill of Rights and Ratification of the U.S. Constitution Pamphlet/Brochure [due Mon]

Assignment Content

  1. Imagine it is 1787. Like many people living in the United States, you hold strong beliefs about the ratification of the proposed U.S. Constitution and have concerns about how this proposed government will affect your community. Being a civic-minded citizen, you have decided to distribute information about the proposed U.S. Constitution much like the Founders wrote the Federalist Papers to encourage the ratification of the U.S. Constitution. ASSIGNMENTCreate an informational pamphlet or brochure to help the people in your community decide whether to oppose or support ratification. Your pamphlet or brochure should include:

    • Two paragraphs differentiating between the Federalist/Anti-Federalist positions.
    • Two paragraphs identifying two concerns each side deemed important.
    • Two paragraphs explaining why the Federalists did not want a Bill of Rights, but the Anti-Federalists did.
    • Two paragraphs defending your viewpoints on the issues.

    Choose Submission Format – select one


    • Each paragraph should have a minimum of 100 words.
    • Incorporate vocabulary terms from this week’s materials into your response, and use the resources provided in the Learning Activities folder and in your instructor’s discussion posts.
    • Include in-text citations and a reference list with at least three sources in APA 7 format to support your assignment. Do not use Wikipedia, Quora, Yahoo Questions or other crowdsourced websites as references. You may use the formatted references provided for the materials in the Learning Activities folder and in your instructor’s discussion posts.
    • Format your assignment according to APA 7 guidelines.

    SUBMIT YOUR ASSIGNMENTDo not type your content into the dialogue box. You must upload a document capable of being read by Blackboard’s inline grading system. Click on the Submit button; scroll down until you see “Use this space to build your submission” and click on the Add Content button; from the dialogue box that appears, select the plus circle icon on the far right of the menu bar; from the dropdown menu select insert local files; choose the location of your external file; and select save on the pop-up box.

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