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HIST 100H Atlanta College of Art Hitherto Existing Society is the History of Class Struggles Questi

the full details is in the file attached please read the file with the instructions on it the souce is in the file itself

Construct a short persuasive paper 600-900 words in length (approximately 2-3 pages) and present your original interpretation and/or argument on one of the questions below raised by the readings.

  • Response papers evaluate your ability not only to understand and briefly summarize the main arguments of the author, but to analyze and critique those arguments in light of other information and historical perspectives we discuss.
  • While the internet can be helpful for reference, please do not rely on it for analysis, as you may end up unwittingly plagiarizing.
  • Your paper should be complete with an introduction, thesis statement, body paragraphs, cited evidence, and a conclusion
  • Choose
    one of the following questions to answer:
  • 1. Analyze the first few paragraphs of the
    excerpt. What does Marx mean by “the
    history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class
    struggles”? What are the two parties
    caught in an epic struggle in the period in which Marx is writing, and why
    might this vision of society and history be attractive to workers in the
    nineteenth century?
  • 2. What criticisms do Marx and Engels level at
    the middle-class, the bourgeoisie, who own the businesses and factories that
    control workers? How does he criticize
    modern bourgeois society? Why might
    these criticisms have been attractive to workers in the nineteenth
    century? Please use specific examples
    from the text.
  • 3. According to Marx and Engels, what has
    happened to workers under a bourgeois society?
    What are the consequences for the workers and wage-laborers? Use specific examples from the text to show
    how workers might have felt and what workers might have experienced under the
    rise of the bourgeoisie.
  • 4. How do Marx and Engels discuss
    imperialism? What is its connection to
    capitalism and/or free trade? Can you
    see evidence of Marx and Engels contemplating the consequences of imperialism
    for the bourgeois world?


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